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  • Steel bar induction hardening production line
    Post time: 04-12-2024

    Hebei Forever is a professional manufacturer of customized intermediate frequency quenching equipment with years of design and production experience. Our Steel bar induction hardening equipment is equipped with a dedicated high-precision temperature control system, achieving full automation of th...Read more »

  • Hot rolling steel ball induction equipment
    Post time: 04-11-2024

    Forever Electromechanical specializes in providing steel ball hot rolling equipment with high hardness, low wear, good toughness, and no breakage. Forever Electromechanical is a manufacturer of rolling steel ball equipment with professional brand product services, which are exported to Southeast ...Read more »

  • Steel billet induction heating furnaces
    Post time: 04-10-2024

    Hebei Forever Electromechanical Professional provides steel billet induction reheating furnaces, PLC fully automatic intelligent control, closed-loop temperature control for steel billet heating furnaces, uniform heating, no overburning, no deformation, no cracks, quality assurance, and free tech...Read more »

  • steel bar quenching and tempering production line
    Post time: 04-09-2024

    This set of steel bar induction hardening and tempering furnace is specially designed for quenching and tempering round steel with a length of 6000 millimeters from ∅ 20 to ∅ 50. It can perform dual heat treatment of quenching and tempering on various metal bars, improving the strength, hardness,...Read more »

  • high-quality steel plate induction hardening furnaces
    Post time: 04-08-2024

    Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides you with high-quality steel plate quenching furnaces and customized non-standard steel plate quenching furnaces with cutting-edge technology and high-quality services. Our steel plate quenching furnaces are produced with h...Read more »

  • Steel pipe hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment
    Post time: 04-07-2024

    steel pipe induction hardening and tempering furnace is used for heating and tempering metal workpieces, which has the following advantages: 1. The hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment is a fully automatic production line, with mechanical fully automatic feeding, sensor heating, spray...Read more »

  • Aluminum rod induction heating equipment
    Post time: 04-03-2024

    Hebei Forver Electromechanical aluminum bar induction heating machine has a high sales volume nationwide. When purchasing aluminum rod heating equipment, the Forever Electromechanical Induction Heating Series is preferred. Its aluminum rod medium frequency heating furnace is intelligently operate...Read more »

  • Steel Ball Hot Rolling Heat Treatment Production Line
    Post time: 04-02-2024

    Compared to forged steel balls, steel ball hot rolling equipment nowadays have higher production efficiency, higher degree of automation, and fewer manual operations. They have the characteristics of high overall hardness, dense structure, no loss of roundness, no breakage, no deformation, and hi...Read more »

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