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What do you know about the forgings induction reheating equipment?

                            What do you know about the forgings induction reheating equipment?
Do you know about the forging induction reheating equipment?After a forging, the work piece often have a large amount of deformation,.So bring difficulties on the future induction heating . Secondary heating of the forging is refers to the heated forgings  can not trip in place, the secondary heating is needed, and then forging molding.

There some advantages of the forgings reheating equipment which produced by YuanTuo furnace company?
1.Saving energy, high heating efficiency.

2.Operation simply, high degree of automation, can achieve online production.

3.The workpiece is heated evenly, high temperature control precision.

4.Fast heating speed, little oxidation and decarbonization.

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Post time: 04-29-2016