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The features and benefit of the induction heating equipment

The features and benefit of the induction heating equipment 

YuanTuo furnace company  is a professional induction heating equipment supplier.Our company has designed and produced induction heating equipment and related products more than 100 sets, which can be applied to any heating process, such as  forging&forming, brazing, Induction heat treatment, shrinking, bending or hot extrusion.

The following are the features and advantages of the induction heating equipment:

First, the benefits of induction heating equipment:
1. Rapid heating: Compared with other methods, within a few seconds to reach the temperature. .
2. Energy savings: In addition to working hours, it can only use a backup power supply.
3. It can automatically run at a relatively stable temperature: Even if the staff is green, you can ensure that equipment is working properly.
4. Environmental Protection
5. Depending on the quality of the object to be heated, the heating time and temperature, you can adjust the output frequency.

Second. Induction heating equipment characteristics:
1. Solid-state IGBT inverter soft switching function to adjust the resonant frequency two-way adjustment and automatic tracking technology.
2. Super-minute extension.
3. Energy efficient.
4.100% at full load 24 hours of continuous working 
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Post time: 06-16-2016