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165*165mm billet heating furnace working well at user’s plant

165*165 mm billet heating furnace working well at user’s plant

Three months ago, Forever sign one contract with one state-owned steel enterprises in Hebei province. This project is for continuous billet heating furnace. They require us to meet the line speed of 16m/min inline. 

As per their speed requirement, our engineer calculated the power of the billet heating furnace need. The power for the generator should be 6000KW, and the user require that the harmonic must be reduced the minimum. So we made special customized made transformer to solve this problem.

Now after one months installing and debugging at the user’s plant, our billet heating furnace can run very well. And all the various technical index meet the requirement.

  • The billet size is 165*165*12000mm length
  •  Heating from 800-950℃, heating 1/3 of the billet. 
  •  6 Coils in total.
  • The line speed is 16m/min
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Post time: 12-14-2017