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What is the principle of heat treatment process?

Every purchase begins with politeness, the product quality is well received by the user, our technology industry is leading, our 24 hours after sale is in place, do not say that they are not good manufacturers.? Therefore, in the purchase of metal surface heat treatment, it is important to investigate and identify every step.

Wuqiao Hengyuan Mechanical and Electrical equipment Factory tips 6-step heat treatment equipment purchase process, so that you can buy rest assured, with comfort.

Step 1: communicate with professional technicians or engineers, understand the specific process and technical requirements of heat treatment of your workpiece, and make a preliminary technical plan, which can meet the specific workshop conditions and processing process needs;

Step 2: preliminary communication, the process technology can be satisfied, we will invite you to our laboratory field experiment (or determine the machine model to be used), check the actual heating treatment effect, field test workpiece heating effect, Determine the model of induction heating equipment, negotiate technical agreement and written commercial contract after satisfaction, and the two parties sign the contract;

Step 3: according to the terms of implementation of the contract, the supply and demand sides implement payment, design, test, testing, production operation and aging equipment and other work processes;

Step 4: the equipment is strictly completed according to the scheduled delivery cycle. Our business department will call the buyer company to go through the payment and delivery formalities according to the terms of the contract (the demand company can also send technical personnel to our company for pre-acceptance);

Step 5: before the induction heating equipment arrives at the buyer’s company, our technical department or sales department will send you a pre-installation preparation form by fax or e-mail. Please follow this to do the preparatory work. After the arrival of the equipment, we can first do the equipment in place and inform our company to send technical personnel to the site to install and debug the production work, for your smooth production to do the basis;

step 6: purchase complete.

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