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The industrial level of our country is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the field of Induction heating machine has also entered the leading industry in the world. Because society advocates environmental protection and saves resources, heating coke coal is not environmentally friendly and does not save resources, and it is also very uneconomical in price and economy. In addition, there are many intermediate frequency heating equipment which also uses KGBS to thyristor as the main device. Low power consumption is still very large, in short, efficiency. With the development of society, energy saving, consumption reduction and cost reduction have become the main development roads for small and medium-sized enterprises and various industries in China. Therefore, our Hengyuan professional technical team has successfully developed IGBT series energy-saving intermediate frequency induction heat treatment equipment.

The main characteristics of intermediate frequency induction heat treatment equipment are as follows:

1. Automatic, high operation is simple, can realize on-line production;

2. The equipment has the advantages of fast heating speed and high efficiency, and the quality of the workpiece is good after forming;

3. In the heating length, speed, temperature and so on can change the previous situation can be accurately controlled;

4. High control accuracy, uniform heating;

5. Sensors can be customized.

6. In a word, the energy consumption of the equipment is low and the efficiency is high.

7.Meet the requirements of environmental protection, reduce pollution and the labor of workers is also relaxed.

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Post time: 05-30-2019