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A short summary about the induction hardening

A short summary about the induction hardening 

YuanTuo furnace company is a specialized manufacture which produce the Induction hardening equipment for many years.Now our company want to share a short summary about the induction hardening with you.

Steel  induction hardening means that heating the material to a temperature over 723ºC  by the induction heating equipment then cooling the steel quickly  process. The aim of this induction heating application is to transform the structure of the steel in order to increase its hardness, its yield strength,and its breaking tension. The steels that are normally hardened with induction heating contain from 0.3% to 0.7% carbon.
One of the advantages of induction hardening is that it can be directed to harden the specific areas of the part with great accuracy. Induction hardening  is frequently apply to hardening industrial gears, rings and bearings. The speed, consistency, flexibility and accuracy  of the induction heating  help the  manufacturers optimize capital expenditures, increase production options, improve hardening quality and maximize energy efficiency.

Please refer this URL to learn more information about the induction hardening and related  induction tempering equipment.

Post time: 06-17-2016