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Advanced slab induction heating equipment

Advanced slab induction heating equipment 

YuanTuo furnace company’s slab induction heating equipment is famous for its perfect working performance.Our company not supply the good quality slab induction heating equipment, also provide other induction heat treating equipment, such as the steel bar hardening equipment,steel pipe hardening and tempering equipment and billet induction reheating equipment  so on.

There main features of the Slab Induction Heating Equipment :

1.The  variety of applications in slab edge heating, slab re-heating, and slab Partial heating and overall heating.

2.The heating is uniformly.There is small difference between the surface and the inner.

3.Our slab  heating equipment adopt the advanced induction heating equipment can achieve the slab continuous heating.

4.The slab heating equipment was equipped the automatic feeding system to save the labor cost.

5.The slab heating equipment is clean without the smoke pollution.

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Post time: 07-14-2016