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Advantages of induction heating furnace

                                           Advantages of induction heating furnace

In recent years, the application of Induction heating furnace is more wide.What’s the obvious advantages of the induction heating furnace?

1.High efficiency
The efficiency of induction heating furnace raise 20% -30% than the resistance furnace, with significant energy savings.

2.The heating temperature up to soon,heating time short.

Fast heating then the burning metal oxide by heating the workpiece surface is low so saving material costs.Especially for the precious metal heating are more important.

3.Easy to implement automatic control.

Induction heating furnace according to the current state of the workpiece to achieve the real-time, precise automatic control. For example,analog or digital processing circuits to adjust the power and frequency then to automatic control the  depth and the heating temperature of the workpiece to meet process requirements.

4. Safe and reliable

Induction heating furnace does not produce fire, to prevent the possibility of fire and explosion incidents, security is greatly improved.

5.Easy operation
Modern body induction heating power semiconductor device is a power device as the core structure of induction heating power inverter, without preheating, startup and shutdown at any time.

6.The workpiece can be heated locally.

Sometimes, the workpiece only need to heat part of the whole workpiece.
Summing up the appeal, induction heating furnace and induction heat treating equipment  process parameter control, and good product quality and output of high pass rate, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, is an advanced technology, broad prospect heating. For more information about the induction heating furnace and other related Steel Bar Induction Heat Treatment Furnace, please see our website or send us an email.Our website is or email our email

Post time: 05-23-2016