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Advantages of selecting and purchasing induction heating equipment for slab heat treatment

When heat treatment manufacturers choose intermediate frequency heating equipment for metal workpiece heat treatment processing, Yuantian electromechanical business personnel will first recommend customers to choose induction heating equipment, followed by other slab heating furnace. Because the selection of induction heating equipment for Billet heating furnace  has a series of advantages over the choice of other heating equipment:

1. The heating speed of the slab is fast and the matching degree with the sheet metal is high, which can better provide the performance of the slab. Why is it that induction heating equipment heats the slab at a fast rate? Because the induction heating equipment adopts the electromagnetic induction principle to process, compared with the traditional heating equipment, the medium frequency heating equipment uses electric energy to continue heating, and the heat will be generated directly from the inside of the slab, thus reducing the loss of heat in the air. The heating efficiency is as high as 95%, the heating speed is fast, the oxidation scale and decarbonization phenomenon are less on the surface of slab, and the product quality is better.

2. Compared with the traditional slab heating furnace, the heat treatment quality of the workpiece is more guaranteed. When the traditional heating equipment heats the slab, the heating condition is judged by the naked eye according to the red state of the slab. The yield of the heated slab is high, and the performance is not guaranteed. The material waste caused by this method is serious and the production cost is increased. The induction heating equipment is equipped with a high precision temperature control system, the original infrared thermometer is used to monitor the heating temperature of the workpiece, and the system automatically adjusts the power of the power supply to ensure that the heating temperature is within the required range of the process. Therefore, the production of induction heating equipment is more guaranteed and the product quality is high.


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