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Applications of induction heating equipment

Applications of induction heating equipment

The application of induction heating equipment become more and more widely.Do you know the specific application of induction heating equipment?Now YuanTuo induction heating equipment will share some information with you about the induction heating equipment application.

The application industry of induction heating equipment :

First, the Induction heat treatment industry:

1.All kinds of heat treatment hardware tools, hand tools. Such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes and so on.

2.Various auto parts, motorcycle accessories frequency quenching treatment. Such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, crank pin, sprocket, camshaft, valve, all kinds of rocker shaft; transmission of various gears, spline shaft, drive axle, a variety of small shaft, a variety of pull fork and other high-frequency quenching.

3.Various power tools gear shaft and other treatment.

4.All kinds of hydraulic components, pneumatic components, high-frequency hardening heat treatment. Such as piston pump plunger, rotor pump rotor; shaft, the gear pump gears quenching various valve.

5.Heat treatment of metal parts. Such as gears, sprockets, a variety of shaft, spline shaft, marketing and other high-frequency quenching.

6, quenching machine tool industry, rail bed process. Quenching heat treatment of stainless steel gear hardening annealing;

Second.Forging and forging molding:

A variety of metal sticks monolith, local forging, hot forging, hot rolling. For example: copper fittings, lock, copper faucets, rivets, wrenches, garden shears, pliers, Case, table embryo, handle, scissors, drill rod, auto parts, mold accessories, machinery parts, fasteners, standard parts, hardware and tools, cutlery products, handicrafts, aluminum products, such as hot forging and hot extrusion.

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Post time: 05-31-2016