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bar induction heating equipment

bar induction hardening furnace is one of many induction heating equipment models in Yuantuo electromechanical system, which is mainly used in heat treatment molding of metal steel bars in industry. For most heat treatment enterprises, high quality and efficient induction heating equipment will be the magic weapon to improve the production efficiency of enterprises. But for most users, how to buy a high-quality and efficient bar heating equipment is a compulsory subject. In view of this, this paper mainly introduces in detail the matters needing attention in the selection and purchase of rod permeable furnace, which can be used as a reference for users to invest and purchase in the later stage.

In the selection and purchase of steel bar conditioning furnace, we must choose mature technology, brand awareness of the rod diathermic furnace, at present, there are a lot of Induction heating machine supplier will only exaggerate how good their own steel bar conditioning furnace is, at this time, you can not be bragged by unscrupulous manufacturers. In order to truly understand the performance of the surface quenching equipment of fine bar, it is necessary to carry out the field test machine to see that the real ear is false and the hearing of the real ear is virtual, so that we can really understand the performance of the surface quenching equipment of fine bar.

When purchasing induction heating equipment, we must check whether the rotating ring operation of induction heating furnace is stable, the conversion operation of good steel bar conditioning furnace is very stable, and the conversion operation of poor fine bar surface quenching equipment is easy to Carton, which affects the later use of induction heating equipment, and then delays the normal production period of the whole enterprise, and so on.

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