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Billet heating furnace manufacturers teach you how to heat the billet is reasonable

Billet heating furnace manufacturers teach you how to heat the billet is reasonable

It is the most important key points to control the heating temperature, heating speed and heating time of billet heating furnace for the billet heating furnace application.

Now Forever will tell you four crucial points about how to control the billet heating furnace.

First, how to control the heating temperature of billet heating furnace

The heating temperature refers to the surface temperature of the steel when it is heated in the furnace. Steel heating temperature is not only based on the characteristics of steel, but also need to take into account the technical requirements of steel in order to obtain the best plasticity.

Second, what is the meaning to control the heating temperature for continuous casting billet?

Reasonable control of the heating temperature is conducive to improving the yield and quality of the rolling, reducing the energy consumption of  induction billet heater and billet wear, while obtaining the best plasticity to obtain the minimum deformation resistance.

What is the significance of a reasonable control of the heating rate of billet heating furnace?

Steel heating rate refers to how many degrees per unit the steel billet heating temperature will increase, the units is ℃ / h. In the billet heating production, due to improper heating rate control, resulting in too much temperature difference between inside and outside. The internal steel produce greater thermal stress, so that the steel cracks or tearing. The higher the heating rate, the higher the unit production rate billet heating furnace.

Third, how to control the heating temperature reasonable?

1. At the beginning of heating,we should be reasonable to limit the heating rate. Because the heating rate is faster, the greater the temperature difference between the surface and the center, the greater the temperature stress. The stress may exceed the strength limit of steel, resulting in billet rupture.

2. When the soft steel temperature is at 500 ~ 600 ℃, you need not consider the impact of temperature stress. For plastic high metal, the temperature stress can only cause plastic deformation, little harm.

3. Heating speed should take full account of the physical properties of metal, geometry and size. For thin material, we can adjusted heating rate at any value. But for large high-carbon steel and alloy steel, we need to be careful to adjust the heating rate.

Fourth, how to correctly understand the heating time for billet heating furnace?

Steel heating time refers to the minimum time required for the billet heating for rolling. Heating time includes 3 stages such as billet preheating, heating and heating preservation.

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