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China induction heating furnace manufacturer

China induction heating furnace manufacturer


China induction heating furnace manufacturer–Forever Furnace is the biggest supplier of induction heating furnace in China,which has strict quality control system and thoughtful after-sales service.Then what about our quality control system?What is the inspection for the induction heating furnace?

Equipment inspection of IF induction heating furnace can be divided three parts:The factory inspection, inspection after receiving user’s factory and final inspection.

1.The factory inspection.

Inspection before out of factory is carried out in Wuqiao;Before the shipment,we will inform the user to check the equipment as per international regulations.Factory inspection is as follows:

 General examination (including power supply unit and the size of the mechanical system)
Checking for inductor coil quality
 Dielectric strength test for IF induction heating furnace
IF power supply and capacitor assembly quality inspection
Water system inspection
Parts inspection including the inspection of the integrity of the factory technical documents.
The scope of supply includes the factory technical file integrity.
Mechanical system inspection.

2.Opening box, checking and accepting

This work need to be done in user’s factory.After the complete equipment arrived to user’s site,the user should check quantity as per packing list;Checking and confirming whether the name and quantity of parts, accessories,

Accessories along with equipment and components is corrent or not and confirm whether they are in good condiction in the course of transportation.

3.Final inspection:

Final checking and acceptance is full acceptance of product quality and performance. The course is from debugging to normal operation of the heating furnace.

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Post time: 03-28-2016