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Congratulations for tubing hardening and tempering machine with Tianjin customer

 Congratulations for tubing hardening and tempering machine with Tianjin customer

Three months ago, one customer from Tianjin called us to inquiry the project of tubing hardening and tempering machine, who is the manufacturer of pipes used for oil industry. They need tubing hardening and tempering machine to do heat treatment for their line pipes.

Their requirement is as follows:

Pipe diameter: ø88.9-219.08mm

Pipe length: 9-12 meters

Capacity requirement: 1.0-2.0 ton/hour

Hardening temperature:0-1200℃

Tempering temperature: 0-720℃

Process: Hardening and high temperature tempering

After discussing with their engineer, we give a technical proposal and drawing to customer. After the Chinese spring festival holiday, the customer requested us to come to their factory to see their field for installing this hardening and tempering machine. On March. 23th, 2018, we come to Tianjin factory to check their site and tell them how to arrange the cable trench and water pipe trench. Finally their boss said that they will sign the contract and send us down payment next Monday. 

The manufacturer of hardening and tempering machine for oil pipe is very less in China at present, especially the factory that has successful case is less. This is the second line for us to finish continuous hardening and tempering furnace for tubing and casing, which will also help us to improve our process.

Thanks for Tianjin customer trust to our company, believe we will have a pleasant cooperation. 


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Post time: 03-24-2018