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Continuous hardening and tempering furnace has high efficiency with its control

Continuous hardening and tempering furnace has high efficiency with its control

YuanTuo continuous hardening and tempering furnaceadopts computer network control and realizes the combination of on-site technology, PLC technology, Ethernet technology, visual man-machine interface technology and production management technology. It adapts to the characteristics of rapid production and automation of modern factories, and greatly promotes production and improved product yield and quality.

YuanTuo continuous hardening and tempering furnace control system has the following functions:

1. Animation display and monitoring of various parameters and equipment status in continuous hardening and tempering furnace operation, such as inlet and outlet temperature, roller speed, current output value of each stage, power supply operation status and various equipment abnormal alarm signals , water circulation system water level, water pressure, water temperature and other signals.

2.Various parameters setting required during continuous hardening and tempering furnace achieve heating, such as heated workpiece specifications, steel types, required temperature, heating speed limit. After these setting values are acquired, the corresponding process system will be adjusted, and then be transmitted to the first-level basic automation to enable the metal workpiece to reach the set value and meet the production requirements.

3. Finish the actions including material feeding & unloading, on/off of the circulation water pump, on/off of the power supply, switch of automatic and manual, emergency stop and so on through operation of touch screen.

YuanTuo hardening and tempering machine features:

1. The central control circuit board is optimized by the computer, the unit circuit is optimized and the device performance is stable, the quality is reliable, and the anti-interference is strong;
2. Continuous hardening and temmpering furnace can meet the heat penetration requirements of the workpiece and the end heating requirements;
3. The components of the continuous hardening and tempering furnace are well coordinated and easy to maintain;
4. The output power is easy to adjust, the reaction speed is fast, the control is accurate, and the heating conditions can be arbitrarily selected.
5. Continuous hardening and tempering furnace has perfect protection system such as over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, water shortage, phase loss, pressure limiting, current limiting and so on, thus ensuring the reliability and working stability of the furnace.
6. On the basis of zero-voltage start-up, an automatic sweep repetition start function was added, voltage and current loop circuits were closely tracked, and the equipment was started and stopped without any current impact.


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