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Deep analytic billet rolling production line

Steel billet induction heating  production line is widely used in industry, but many people know little about billet rolling production line. Today, the editor comes to know the billet rolling production line in depth with everyone.

electric heating furnace

High efficiency of induction heating, the efficiency of induction heating furnace can reach up to 70%, especially the efficiency of induction melting furnace can reach 75%.

1) the efficiency of induction heating furnace is high, and the efficiency of induction heating furnace can reach 70%, especially the efficiency of induction furnace can reach 75%.

2.Inductive heating equipment has less heat loss and lower workshop temperature, so the working conditions of the workshop are improved, and the smoke and dust are not produced when the induction heating furnace is heated, so the working environment of the workshop is purified.

3. Because of the high heating speed and high efficiency, the heating time of the induction equipment is short, and the burning rate of oxide skin produced by the blank is 0.5% ≤ 1%.

4, high heating speed, can double the productivity of heating equipment, can form a continuous production line with other equipment.

5, making use of the advantage of high speed of induction heating, replenishing the blank to make the surface of blank quickly reach the temperature required for reprocessing, so as to make full use of the waste heat of the blank itself and make its energy-saving efficiency.

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