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Development of Induction Heat treatment equipment

In the 1950s, induction heating equipment began to be used in China, at that time known as “high-frequency quenching”. This new heat treatment process uses coil electromagnetic induction heating to make the workpiece quickly reach quenching temperature and then rapidly cool so that only the surface layer can be quenched. It has the characteristics of high heating speed, good working conditions, high surface strength and small deformation. And quickly accepted by heat treatment workers and rapidly developed.


1. Induction heating, energy saving and induction heating, can rapidly heat the workpiece, improve the phase transition temperature (50 °) of metallic materials and accelerate the transformation process of austenite. Small phantom martensite can be obtained on the quenched surface, and the hardness is higher than that of ordinary quenched is2-3hrc.. Using induction heating quenching and tempering instead of box electric furnace quenching and tempering can save 35% to 50%, and 80% to 95% can be saved by using induction heating instead of surface hardening such as carburization and carbonitriding.

2, energy-saving tempering uses induction heating to transport the outside of the quenched layer, achieving short-term tempering with quenched cooling residual heat, which is efficient and in many cases (e.g. high carbon steel and high carbon high alloy steel), This can avoid quenching cracking. At the same time, once you confirm that all the process parameters can be mass produced, the economic benefits are significant.

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