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Do you really know the characteristics of induction heating equipment?

In the past, the production and processing process of traditional metal surface heat treatment requires manual feeding and blanking, which not only takes time to consume power, but also does not guarantee the safety, and the production is not in conformity with the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, the induction heating equipment appears in such environment. The induction heating equipment uses the electromagnetic induction principle to make non-contact heating to the metal work-piece through the induction coil, and generate heat directly from the inside of the work-piece, and the heating efficiency of the whole set of equipment is more than 85%.

Some important characteristics of induction heating equipment in metal heat treatment processing:

first, the equipment protection is complete: induction heating equipment is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, lack of phase, lack of water, over-pressure, over-current, voltage limit / current limit, start-up over-current, constant current and buffer start-up, so that the equipment starts smoothly, protects reliably and quickly, and runs stably;

Second, the degree of automation is high: the whole equipment adopts PLC and touch screen to control the production, which can realize automatic unmanned operation and higher production efficiency;

third, high efficiency, low consumption and zero pollution: compared with the traditional heating mode, the intermediate frequency heating equipment effectively reduces the energy consumption, improves the production efficiency, realizes the production without pollution, and the equipment meets the requirements of environmental protection;

Fourth, the temperature control precision is high and uniform: the induction heating equipment is equipped with the far red infrared thermometer, the heating temperature control of the whole equipment is accurate, and the power of the power supply is automatically adjusted according to the heating temperature of the work-piece.

Fifth, the replacement of the furnace body is simple: according to the size of the user’s work-piece, the furnace body is customized to the corresponding specification, and each furnace body adopts a container hoisting belt, which can only be used by connecting the water and electricity joints.


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