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Excellent manufacturer of circular steel bar induction heating furnace

The most excellent manufacturer of round bar induction hardening furnace-Hebei Hengyuan electromechanical heating gold, silver, copper, lead and other precious metals depending on the induction furnace and production efficiency specific. Small capacity can be selected high frequency, most of the choice of ultra-audio, intermediate frequency.

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The main characteristics of the circular steel bar induction heating furnace are as follows:

1. The invention is small in size, light in weight, convenient to move, portable and small in floor area.

2. It is convenient to install and operate.

3. It can be continuously heated for 24 hours.

4. The furnace body with different weight can be conveniently replaced, and the furnace body of different materials is suitable for heating requirements of different materials;

5, the novel intermediate frequency induction heating power supply is adopted for heating, and is completely different from the traditional intermediate frequency power supply.

6, the heating is uniform and the heat permeability is good. 7. According to the recommended equipment and maximum heating, the heating time of each furnace is 20-40 minutes.

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