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Factory price to sell Intermediate Frequency Diathermy Equipment

Factory price to sell Intermediate Frequency Diathermy  Equipment 

The intermediate frequency diathermy equipment  also called induction heating equipment.It is a common heating method in the metal heating field.Induction heating is widely used for a long list of processes applied in different market sectors.Induction annealing, induction hardening, induction tempering, induction preheating are just a few examples. Forever furnace company is one of the leader which involved in the induction heating field.

Our Intermediate Frequency Diathermy  Equipment own many features such as the following:

Energy efficiency.

Our equipment using IGBT  technologies, series or parallel outputs and advanced digital control which  obtain a very high efficiency.

Improving the  heating process

The equipment adopt the new induction heating technology and increasing  the energy efficiency.

Installation reliability.

Our strong technical  and service team will responsible for the installation to make the installation more  reliable.

More automation.

The automatic feeding and discharging system and automatic control system can minimize stoppage in the production line and increasing the quality control.

YuanTuo furnace company offers customized induction heating solutions and induction heat treating equipment for each customer, by analyzing the initial application and offering the best solution with the right equipment. Subsequent to the sale, Forever furnace company also follows up with technically service and maintenance in time.

Post time: 07-21-2016