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YuanTuo customized billet heating furnace/billet induction heater

YuanTuo customized billet heating furnace/billet induction heater

YuanTuo has more than 13 years of experience and 80 employees.The company mainly produces complete induction heating system like billet heating furnace, bar quenching and tempering furnace, pipe annealing system. The company’s products have been exported to the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Japan, Argentina, Serbia and other countries and regions. Especially this year, our billet heating furnace has got big progress as we finished large power 6000 KW power supply for customers.

YuanTuo billet heating furnace is usually used for billet hot rolling, continuous casting billet rolling and billet reheating etc. The advantage is the heating speed is very fast and no need preheating time, the user can start or stop the system at any time compared with the gas furnace.

What’s more, even using large power, there is no influence on the user’s factory grid. The reason is that we use twelve pulse rectifier power supply and special customized transformer.

According to customer design and process, the complete working process is controlled by touch screen+PLC control. When working, you only need to put the billet on the platform and set the heating temperature you need, then the billet heating furnace will run as per your need.

With simple operation, high efficiency, wide applicability, simple maintenance features of Forever billet heating furnace, Forever introduction is as follows:

1. YuanTuo billet heating furnace will design as per customer’s workshop condition such as occupying area and the workshop transformer. Our purpose is to provide the suitable billet heating furnace for the users, bring benefit for the users.

2. Touch screen + PLC program control system: Equip programmable automatic control procedures on the PLC control cabinet. Control cabinet can be based on the actual workplace and operating factors such as independent installation.

 3.Transportation device: Conveying roller table for billet can save a lot of manpower.


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