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YuanTuo furnace company is your first choice for the induction forging

                YuanTuo furnace company is your first choice for the induction forging
What do you know about the induction forging?Forging is the forging mechanical pressure is applied to the metal blank, so as to make it produce plastic deformation in order to obtain a certain mechanical properties, processing method of a certain shape and size of forging, forging includes two main parts: the forging and stamping. Forging can effectively eliminate the metal in the smelting process of cast loose and other defects, the mechanical properties of the forging is generally better than the same material castings.
YuanTuo Furnace,one of the leading manufacturers of induction heating equipment and system in China.Forever Furnace has provided top quality induction heating equipment and system with the advanced technology and excellent service since 1999.
YuanTuo Furnace is specialized in manufacturing large equipment such as induction forging furnace and the induction forging equipment .All the equipment are equipped with advanced digital IGBT induction heating power supply,PLC control and infrared thermometer.Our equipment is widely used thermal processing field such as forging and extrusion heating,bars and tubes heating,shrink fitting,induction quenching,tempering,annealing and brazing.
YuanTuo Furnace can equip with automatic feeding system,discharging machine ,closed water cooling system to our induction heating equipment  according to customers’ requirement.Provided professional induction heating solutions free of charge,we have powerful sales services to ensure the complete induction heating system running normally.
With more than 14 years of experience in the filed of heat treatment,we feel confident that you will like our equipment and service once you give us an opportunity.
Our website is or you can  email our email to learn more information about the induction forging equipment.

Post time: 05-13-2016