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YuanTuo furnace company, professional induction heating furnace manufacturers

         YuanTuo furnace company, professional induction heating furnace manufacturers
Development of domestic Induction heating furnace looks like the clock that kept the same turn and no stop.But our overall level of induction heating furnace compared with foreign advanced level, there is a gap. In order to meet the needs of our customers, the domestic heat treatment industry in innovation, research and development, manufacture induction furnace in line with Chinese elements, professional induction furnace to provide a source of strength for the rise in heat treatment industry.
As one of the leaders for induction heating furnace manufacturer,when the domestic market in the face of such a situation,Forever furnace company did not stop the steps, also no develop according to the original way to move forward.But to change the thinking and do the in-depth market survey.According to survey results , our company  create a new path of development. The right way can change the fate of choice means future results. Forever furnace company start with product performance, technical out, the application of advanced technology to ensure product performance, design thinking is then converted, for the use of some of the popular elements added thereto, so that manufactured induction furnace with professional level, without loss of decency.

Currently Forever furnace company has a high-quality brand of electric furnace equipment, intermediate frequency heating furnace, induction heating rods automatic production lines, IF transfer of heat treatment production lines and supporting quenching machine and cooling tower equipment.forever furnace company produced intermediate frequency electric furnace can be widely used in engineering machinery, general machinery, non-ferrous metal, automobile, metallurgy, bearings and other industries.

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Post time: 05-24-2016