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Forever Furnace is professional in induction heating furnace

Forever Furnace is professional in induction heating furnace


Forever Furnace (Wuqiao Electrical Mechanical Equipment Factory) is the high-tech enterprise which is earlier involved in the design and manufacturing of induction heating furnace.With mature induction heating technology,Forever Furnace has a group of experienced and innovative professional personnel.Over years,our factory is dedicated to researching reliability and energy efficiency of induction heating furnace, especially large power equipment manufacturing.

In 2008,we manufactured the first bar induction heating furnace used for steel ball rolling in China and the equipment is running very well in customer’s factory.The energy saving effect is obvious.

In 2015,we finished 125mm steel ball heating continuous rolling production line.The medium frequency heating power is 5500KW,the output is 16 tons per hour. We adopt PLC automatic control for large power equipment in recent years,which reduce labor cost and improve working efficiency.

Now we have supplied more than one thousand induction heating furnace for forging plant and heat treatment enterprises. In this field,we have rich manufacturing experience and can make the equipment running become more reliable and simple operation.

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Post time: 03-25-2016