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YuanTuo sucker rod continuous hardening and tempering furnace is more professional

YuanTuo sucker rod continuous hardening and tempering furnace is more professional

Sucker Rod is a high-strength metal rod used for extracting oil from oil wells in oil fields. Due to high work metrics, it has very strict requirements on its own characteristics. Forever sucker rod continuous hardening and tempering furnace is specialized in hardening and tempering sucker rods. It has been proven that the hardened and tempered sucker rods performance has meet the national standards in toughness, hardness and tensile strength. .

Sucker rod continuous quenching furnace consists of three major systems, including the induction heating system of the sucker rod, the quenching cooling system of the sucker rod, and the tempering insulation system of the sucker rod. Sucker rod induction heating surface quenching process has the advantages of good surface quenching quality, low brittleness, hardened surface oxidation resistant to decarburization, small deformation, no bending, etc. Sucker rod continuous hardening and tempering furnace has got wide application in the field of indution heating equipment.

Sucker rod hardening and tempering heat treatment is actually a composite heat treatment process including hardening and high temperature tempering. Conventional processing is performed by resistance furnaces, which has low production efficiency. After many years of design, development, research, and production, Forever continuous hardening and tempering furnace has performance of very high quality stability; according to the process characteristics of the sucker rod requirements, Forever has professionally designed intermediate frequency quenching and tempering production lines that have been successfully applied to heat treatment of oil rods, hydraulic pipes and other parts. The quality is stable and reliable, the production efficiency is improved by 2 to 3 times, and the sucker rods are continuously tempered. The furnace has achieved significant economic benefits in the production process. At the same time, it brings benefits to customers.

Forever has not only made great progress in the continuous hardening and tempering furnace for sucker rod but also in the steel plate hardening and tempering processing production line, the steel wire continuous quenching furnace, the billet induction heating equipment, the continuous slab induction heating furnace, and the stainless steel Pipe quenching heat treatment equipment is also relatively strong.

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