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Good induction heating system for the steel ball production

Good induction heating system for the steel ball production

The steel ball production equipment is produced by Forever.Forever is the professional manufacture for the steel ball production equipment,especially the induction heating equipment for the steel ball automatic production line.Forever has provide more than 100 sets induction heating equipment to the customers in China.

The main technical features of the induction heating system for the Steel Ball Production Equipment :

●Power supply system: Double rectifier twelve pulse KGPS 2500 KW/1000 Hz intelligent IF power supply.

●Transmission roller and pressure roller: Rollers between the furnace are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled, and other parts of the roller is made of 45 steel and the surface is hardened.

●Inductor design: Variable pitch, design of preheating stage, heating-up stage and constant stage, which is more energy-efficient.

●Infrared temperature measurement : Setting infrared temperature measurement device at the discharge, so that the steel bar temperature can be controlled in the allowed range before charging into the rolling machine.  

Also we can equipped the automatic feeding and discharging system according to the customers’ requirement.

For more information about the induction heating system for steel ball production equipment and other related induction heat treatment equipment,please feel free to contact with us.Our service team are waiting for you.

Post time: 08-02-2016