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Have you ever seen a steel bar quenching line like this?

What is a green heat treatment project, that is, the state of completing heat treatment work under environmental protection standards? for the traditional heating equipment in the past, this is simply a legend, as if “dust is flying all over the sky.” The noise is the appearance of the heat treatment production line site, want “green water green mountain, low carbon environmental protection” state is simply dare not think of in the past, but recently has become a reality!

In Wuqiao, Hebei Province, there is such a manufacturer who has produced such an induction quenching and tempering machine, the steel bar quenching line, which can better complete the heat treatment and quenching of the bar, and more importantly, the whole heat treatment process is almost noiseless. Without dust, the performance of the produced bar also meets the requirements of heat treatment, and the performance-price ratio is very high, which can be called the wind vane of green heat treatment engineering.

This steel rod heating equipment is an induction heating equipment, which adopts the electromagnetic induction principle to heat the steel bar. The induction coil of the steel bar medium frequency heating furnace is in the form of non-contact through alternating current. The heat is produced directly from the inside of the workpiece, which is no longer the heating mode of the traditional heating equipment through heat transfer, which reduces the heat loss, the heating efficiency is as high as 85%, and the performance of energy saving and consumption reduction is outstanding.

In the steel bar heat treatment project, this induction heating equipment has become the main force, the equipment installs the temperature control system, adopts the infrared thermometer imported by the United States of America, the high precision temperature measurement, and the control system automatically adjusts the power of the intermediate frequency power supply. In order to ensure that the heating temperature of the workpiece reaches the set range, the heat treatment quality of the steel bar is up to the standard and the quality is high. At the same time, steel bar quenching line furnace body seal design, heat treatment production no dust, waste gas smoke and so on, low noise, but also heat treatment site a green, harmonious working state.


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Post time: 05-10-2019