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High performance induction heating machine

Yuanchuan specialized in the production of Induction heating machine for 20 years, combined with the current social development, what kind of induction heating furnace and heat treatment equipment is more suitable for you? Now the environmental protection all over the country is grim, environmentally friendly induction heating equipment and heat treatment equipment is definitely the first choice for users. Induction heating equipment, quenched heat treatment production line for environmental protection, energy conservation, automation, intelligent induction heating equipment, sold well at home and abroad, 1000 sets of field video cases for your reference.

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Now the social market competition is fierce, if there is no high-tech products listed, will inevitably be eliminated by the market. And good product quality is the inevitable requirement to improve the market competitiveness. The remote electromechanical induction heating equipment, quenched heat treatment equipment and quenched and tempered heat treatment production line are automatic and intelligent production lines, which make the quality of the products more stable. Due to the high speed of electromagnetic induction heating and the high thermal efficiency, the processed metal workpieces have no oxidation. There is no crack. The strength, toughness and hardness of the workpiece can be satisfied.

Electric production of induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, forging heating equipment, medium frequency quenching equipment, heat treatment production line, according to your process for you to make suitable induction heating equipment, Meet the modern production mode, meet the requirements of the national environmental protection departments, meet the user’s high-efficiency production standards, meet the user’s requirements for high-quality workpieces.

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