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High quality steel billet induction forging heating furnace

High quality steel billet induction forging heating furnace

YuanTuo furnace company’s steel billet induction forging heating furnace is well-know for its good quality and no worries service.Our company is professional manufacture all kinds of induction heating equipment and induction heat treating equipment.

The steel billet need to be heat a certain temperature before  forming operation (forging or extrusion, for example).Heating the steel billet become soft and  make it malleable. If the steel billet is heated too much, then excess time and energy is used and damage can occur as extra heat is generated during the deformation process.  If the steel billet is not heated enough, then the cool steel billet will be too hard to form or it may not achieve the desired hardness properties upon cooling.   If the billet is too hard, it may not flow to the required shape and it may cause excessive die wear.

Our  Steel Billet Induction Forging Heating Furnace is designed and manufactured according to the customers’ requirement.This forging heating furnace is equipped the advanced induction heating and control system which has main advantages compared with other heating method.

1.Heating fast.Only need short time can reach the required temperature.

2.Equipped the new generation infrared temperature instrument to make sure the consistent steel billet temperature and consistency.

3.Eliminates surface blemishes

If you are interest in our steel billet forging heating furnace and other induction heat treating equipment,please feel free to contact with us.Our service team are ready for you.


Post time: 07-21-2016