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Hot sale for the aluminum bar heat treatment equipment

Hot sale for the aluminum bar heat treatment equipment 

YuanTuo, one of the leading manufacturers which producing the induction heating equipment and related induction heat treating equipment. The aluminum bar heat treatment equipment is our company’s typical product.Our company own the rich experience for supply the customers good quality and service.

The main features of the Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment:

 Simple production operations, flexible material charging and discharging, available for online production;

1.Good heating effect: There is little temperature difference between the surface and the core.

2.Uniform heating,heating surface to the core,high control precision;

3.Integrated design for inductors, different inductors have quick-connector, which is easier to replace;

4.Fast starting speed:The furnace will start to heat once you start the system,so it needn’t any preheating time.

5.Wide heating ranges:used for induction heating for various metal work piece.

6.Perfect protection facilities: The equipment has protection for over current, over voltage and over heat.

 7.Friendly to environment, less pollution.

Please feel free to contact with us for more information about the aluminum bar heat treatment equipment and other induction heat treating equipment.Looking forward to your news.

Post time: 08-08-2016