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How to choose a good billet induction heating furnace

How to choose a good steel billet induction heating furnace

Good steel billet induction heating furnace should have good stability, good price, good adaptability and  fast  courteous after-sales service. When you choosing the steel billet induction heating furnace ,the following factors should be  considered  integration .Such as the using cost,  downtime losses, replacement parts, repair and upgrade capabilities warranty period so on.

 At the same time , it is better to choose a strength steel billet induction heating furnace manufacturers.The strength company own enough spare parts, rapid and efficient, and after-sales service thoughtful,  also  can provide backup equipment, to ensure maximum production work is not affected..

Steel billet induction heating furnace is a more critical equipment  to the working environment of the equipment, but in the factory it is difficult to give it a satisfactory working environment, because the workshop has a lot of oil. So in order to make the induction heating furnace working  efficient ,we should  pay more attention  on  the daily maintenance .
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Post time: 06-14-2016