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How to choose IGBT induction heating equipment

                          How to choose IGBT induction heating equipment
It is generally known, for the induction heating equipment, frequency and power are two very important parameters.
Different frequency induction heating equipment, resulting in different heating effects and determines the quality of heating.The power size decides heating  speed and processing efficiency of the workpiece.So according to the requirements of the workpiece heating ,the suitable frequency and power is very important.
First,how to choose the frequency

Induction heating equipment can be divided into: ultra high frequency, high frequency, ultra audio frequency,medium frequency and so on according to the  different output frequency. Different heating process requirements need different frequency,If the frequency selection error can not satisfy the heating requirements and easy to cause the workpiece damage, such as slow heating time, work efficiency is low, uneven heating, temperature can’t reach the requirements, 

The correct choice for the frequency, first of all,person should understand the heating process requirements of the product.The following conditions are the commonly:

1.Workpiece diathermy. For example: fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware tools, rigging, twist drill of hot upsetting hot rolling, the greater the diameter of the workpiece, the frequency should be lower. Such as:

With less than 4 mm, suitable for high frequency, ultra high frequency (100KZ)
4-16, mm (50-100 KHz) for high frequency
16-40 mm (10-50 KHz) for super audio
With more than 40 mm for intermediate frequency (0.5-10 KHz)

2.Induction heat treatment.Such as the shaft, gear, quenching and annealing of stainless steel products, etc,An example for quenching,the workpiece requires quenching layer, the more shallow, the frequency should be higher, the deeper the quenching layer, the lower the frequency should be such as: quenching layer for
     02.-0.8mm applicable KHz 100-250 ultra high frequency, high frequency
    1.0-1.5mm applicable KHz 40-50 high frequency, ultra audio
    1.5-2.0mm applies KHz 25-30 super audio
    2.0-3.0mm applicable KHz 15-25 super audio, medium frequency
    3.0-5.0mm applicable 8-10KHz medium frequency  

3.Brazing, drill bits, cutter, reamer, milling cutter, drill, etc. and stainless steel pot of different materials, hybrid welding, welding volume       increases, the greater frequency should be reduced.

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Post time: 05-20-2016