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How to choose quality billet heating furnace?

How to choose quality billet heating furnace?

With the vigorous implementation of environmental protection policies in China, many manufacturers who use traditional billet heating furnaces have also started to choose induction billet heater. However, there are many manufacturers of induction billet heating furnace, how to choose?

This is the voice of many manufacturers that want to buy billet heating furnace, so Forever will share the key point to choose the billet heating furnace with more than 13 years of experience.

1. The company scale: Large company can have full system of production, sales and after-sales. Especially for the after-sales service,

2. Technical strength:Check whether the supplier have their own technical team, which will be convenient for equipment upgrading and technical service support.

3. The establishment date of company: Only reliable manufacturer can exist in the industry for a long time. Otherwise it has long been out of the market.

4.References:Check whether the company has successful cases for the similar project. If they have more practice experience, that will be helpful for your project.

5.After-sales service Please don’t only consider the equipment price, if the equpment has problem during the operation, but they don’t have after-sales serivice. Then you have to spend money to repair it and also it will take your a lot of time. So the professional and experienced after-sales is very important.

    The above is the basic point of choosing billet heating furnace. Forever is the largest manufacturer of billet heating furnace in China, we believe we will help you to choose the suitable billet heating furnace as per our years of experience.


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