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How to maintain the induction preheating furnace during daily working?

                     How to maintain the induction preheating furnace during daily working?
As the professional production equipment, induction preheating furnace maintenance is very important.More important is to master  some simple maintenance knowledge of the induction preheating furnace. Once the equipment broken,, we can resolve the problems by ourselves, so no need to ask help from manufacturers, then to saving our cost and time.

Here are some experience form our company’s engineers about the induction of the induction preheating furnace, hope can help you.
In general, it is not difficult to maintain the induction preheating furnace, because the whole set of equipment is composed of several simple units.About 85% induction heating furnace failures caused by the following reasons;
The most easily broken parts :1 SCR, 2 Capacitor 3 Power wires.
So when the induction furnace failure, we must first think of whether the scr.
Short circuit of controllable silicon is the most easy to check a, but be careful of thyristor soft breakdown and soft breakdown on the road is beyond measure, the general phenomena of the thyristor soft breakdown for the reactor noise, that very heavy;
The second is capacitance. Capacitors generally have a short circuit, the wiring column interrupted,
Third is the power wire i is failure rate: circuit ,Seems break when the most easily overlooked;
Little knowledge of some induction preheating furnace maintenance experience, once your device appear in the above methods can not solve the problem, please promptly contact the manufacturer, Forever furnace company provides professional induction heating equipment maintenance team offer the perfect solution for your service.Please to visit our website or email our email .Looking forward to your good news.

Post time: 05-09-2016