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How to make more energy-efficient induction heating furnace?

                   How to make more energy-efficient induction heating furnace?

About the induction heating furnace in the heating process, how to achieve more effectively energy saving. The followings based on the using of induction heating furnace  in the cooling system, the choice of the current frequency, heat insulation materials,another comprehensive induction loop to explain that  how to achieve energy-saving .

1.The terminal voltage of the sensor to improve:
Improve the sensor terminal voltage, it is bound to increase the number of turns of the induction coil, thus reducing the current sensing coil, thereby reducing the sensor power loss and improve the electrical efficiency of the sensor, but also reduces the induction coil cooling water consumption, to achieve the electrical energy savings.

2. Full use of the sensor cooling water:
YuanTuo furnace company’s induction heating furnace and induction heat treatment equipment are equipped with a cooling system, not only increases the life of the equipment, improve work efficiency, but also after the sensor cooling water can continue to be used for other applications, recycling, saving water resources.

3. Select the appropriate current frequency:
When selected current frequency induction heating, the heating efficiency of a direct impact on the thermal efficiency and the blank sensor. Proper selection of current frequency, improve the heating efficiency, heating time savings.

4.Making the suitable induction coil:
When the inductor current is constant, the cross-sectional dimensions of the selected induction coil copper tube should be properly controlled induction coil current density is good, this will help to reduce the power loss induction coil sensors improve electrical efficiency to achieve the induction coil power savings.

5. Choose a good heat resistance and insulation material:
In the induction coil lined with a heat insulation layer, select a certain thickness of material with good heat insulation, the heat insulating effect play a better, it helps to reduce thermal conduction losses blank, thereby improving sensor thermal efficiency,heat savings.
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Post time: 05-30-2016