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How to Select Induction heating equipment to avoid Price Trap

Before we introduced to you how to select induction heating equipment according to frequency and power, when buying induction heating equipment, we should also consider the price factor in addition to frequency and power, and how to avoid the price trap. Today we will explain to you.

With the widespread use of IGBT induction heating equipment, manufacturers are increasing, but few enterprises can own their own intellectual property rights and high-level R & D team. Therefore, different manufacturers, the same power products, the quality is very different.

Buy a practical, cheap and beautiful product is expected by every user, because the price of equipment and equipment power has a close relationship, the larger the power, the higher the price, so, the false standard of power has become a commonly used means to mislead customers. It is usually shown as follows:

1, power nominal as oscillatory power,

2. Enterprises calibrate oscillating power as output power or only generally labeled power,

3, do not write power, and calibrate the number of input currents. Let the customer mistakenly think that the literacy behind is the power of the machine.

4, scribbled low power into high power.


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