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Induction diathermy furnace – importance of energy saving and emission reduction

Far extension of mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing co., LTD is specialized in the induction heating furnace, medium frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, saving resource is the basic state policy of our country nowadays, save energy and improve the efficiency of energy utilization, protection and improvement of the environment, promote comprehensive, balanced and sustainable economic and social development, induction heating furnace is a strategic task of the current in our country, to make significant elimination of high energy consumption and environmental pollution backward technology, equipment and technology, speed up the development of energy-saving technology, vigorously promotion and application of energy saving, environmental protection new technology, new equipment, new technology and new products, but also make full use of waste heat pressure.

Far more electromechanical induction diathermy furnace has some advantages:

■ the fast heating speed of the equipment can double the productivity of the heating equipment, and can form a continuous production line with other process equipment, such as bar material after induction diathermy furnace into the forging press to forge the workpiece, the workpiece has heating uniformity, after the forging of the workpiece product qualification rate is high.

■ induction dithermic furnace is controlled by water-cooled medium frequency power supply, which can realize high power regulation. The medium frequency power supply is equipped with various protection functions and fault alarm functions, making the induction heating furnace easy to operate and convenient for maintenance and inspection.

■ in terms of electric heating of production equipment, resistance furnace is rarely used to heat the blank before thermal forming, because the blank heating temperature is high, limited by the heating element, so it is mainly used for induction heating, induction heating blank before thermal forming has been used for blank forging, hot stamping, hot extrusion and hot cutting and other processes.

■ high production efficiency of induction diathermy furnace, according to your capacity requirements, you can be equipped with high-performance control system, such as touch screen control system, a key to start, the production of the whole set of induction heating equipment only one person to watch, high efficiency, energy saving costs.

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Post time: 05-31-2019