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induction hardening equipment

induction hardening equipment

With the increasing number of steel rolling mills and high value added production, the demand for induction heating equipment has increased sharply in recent years. To cope with these needs, YuanTuo furnace company offers a line of medium frequency induction heating systems.

Induction heating technology is more important for the induction hardening equipment and related induction tempering equipment.Induction heating technology is particularly advantageous for spot and surface hardening parts comprised of harden able materials, because it is possible to attain a high specific power output of many kW per cm2 of surface area of the heated piece, and this takes advantage of what is called the “skin effect.” The higher the frequency of oscillation of the inducted current, the less penetration there is in the heated layers of the working piece. For hardening depths of many millimeters, frequency oscillation of up to 10 kHz is chosen, while for depths in the 10th’s of a millimeter, kHz in the hundreds are used.

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Post time: 06-13-2016