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Induction hardening furnace maintenance

Induction hardening furnace maintenance


Every user of induction hardening furnace want to make their induction hardening furnace has longer service life, which can reduce your maintenance cost and improve your productivity. Here let Forever Furnace tell you some tips to maintain your induction hardening furnace.

Induction hardening furnace maintenance

1.Inspect and repair your induction hardening furnace regularly.

You should inspect all the main components are normal or not. If there is phenomenon of slack or bad connection, then you should replace it in time.

2. Regular inspection for pipe joint tie to see whether it is  is reliable.

3.Regular inspection of load wiring is satisfactory;the insulation is good or not.

4. Regular cleaning up power supply cabinet dust.

5.regular change or cleaning induction hardening furnace main components.

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Post time: 03-23-2016