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Induction heating and quenching production Line of automatic Steel Pipe system

The full-automatic Pipe induction hardening equipment comprises a storage rack, a quenching feeding machine, a quenching heating module, a quenching discharging machine, a straightening machine, a water spraying cooling system, a tempering feeding machine, a tempering heating module, a heat preservation module, a tempering discharging machine, a discharging frame and the like. The full-automatic control of the man-machine interface, the PLC and the industrial personal computer is adopted, so that the advanced level in the domestic industry is achieved, and the high praise and the popularization of the special pipe department of the coal mine equipment are obtained.

The steel pipe is pulled from the feeding table to the feed roller outside the quenching furnace. The feed joint of induction heating and quenching production line is photographed, the feed furnace door of quenching furnace is opened, the feed roller outside the quenching furnace and the feed cantilever roller table in the furnace are opened, and the steel pipe is sent to the quenching furnace by rotating rapidly at the same time. The positioning of steel pipe to quenching furnace is controlled by steel pipe positioning device and PLC. The steel pipe positioning device is generally composed of two photoelectric switches. It and PLC complete the length and speed measurement of the steel pipe and the positioning in the furnace. The controllable quenching hardness of this system: take HT-250 as an example to achieve HRC48-52 research and development: seamless steel pipe inner wall quenching equipment manufacturer un Guoyun Electronics, mature technology, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving! 13014650631 is the manufacturer’s consulting hotline, this equipment adopts IGBT module, Advanced technology, the big attraction point is: power saving and energy saving-electricity compared with thyristor 30% less than 40%, to a large extent for you to save costs!

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