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Induction heating equipment of china

Induction heating equipment of china is a metal heat treatment furnace commonly used in heat treatment process at present. Because there are many kinds of induction heating equipment brands in the market, so which metal heat treatment furnace brand is better among so many brands? Here is the first “Yuantuo” brand induction heat permeable furnace, the specific analysis of the reasons are as follows:



First,” Yuan Tuo “brand induction heating equipment manufacturers strong strength

As a professional manufacturer of induction heat permeable furnace, a large manufacturer of scientific research, production and sales.

Second, the performance of induction heating equipment is reliable

“Yuan Tuo” brand metal heat treatment furnace is developed on the basis of the same equipment advantages and advanced technology at home and abroad, regardless of the quality of finished products, production, environmental protection and safety, etc.

1. Quality

The heat is produced directly from the inside of the metal workpiece.

2. Higher production

In the design,” Yuantuo “brand induction heating furnace is customized production according to the production capacity and process requirements, according to the actual production capacity of the customer to configure the equipment power supply to ensure that meet the production requirements of users.

3. Low Carbon Environment

Because the induction heating equipment is heated by electromagnetic principle, electric energy belongs to environmental protection energy.

4. High security

Inductive heating equipment is equipped with perfect system protection device.

Third, “Yuantuo” brand induction heating equipment price is affordable as a professional induction heating equipment direct marketing manufacturers, Yuantuo gives metal heat treatment furnace prices are factory prices, in addition, Yuantian is also built in the middle and low consumer market in Hebei, so it is doomed that the price of induction heating furnace in this area will not be too high, more suitable for users to invest and buy.

In a word,” Yuantuo “brand induction heating equipment, whether in the manufacturer’s strength, in the manufacturer’s equipment performance, even in the manufacturer’s equipment price, have its unique advantages, so” Yuantuo “brand metal heat treatment furnace will be your choice of good low-cost induction heating equipment ideal brand


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