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According to the needs of our customers, our company has successfully left the factory with the Induction heating machine made by the two parties and round steel, and has entered the installation stage. According to the feedback of the technical engineers in the field installation, the installation is proceeding smoothly at present, if the customer has debugging requirements, At any time to enter the debugging phase.

billet heating furnace

The products of Wuqiao Hengyuan Mechanical and Electrical equipment Factory include the new generation constant power fast energy saving medium frequency power supply and IGBT constant power variable frequency medium frequency power supply, medium frequency electric furnace, medium frequency induction heating equipment, intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment, and so on. Medium frequency quenching equipment, universal and special induction quenching machine tool, intermediate frequency rapid melting furnace, high frequency, super audio frequency heating equipment, induction furnace and other industrial electric furnaces, Leading forgings manufacturers to provide many excellent performance of pre-forging and post-forging heat treatment equipment. Has provided nearly 1,000 sets of equipment for general machinery, construction machinery, petroleum machinery, automobile, gold control, mining, bearing and many other industries. The company not only provides professional heat treatment equipment, but also has a strong after-sales service center, to ensure long-term, wide range of system services, we look forward to your visit.


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Specialist of  bar heat treatment furnace in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

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