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It is more economical to adopt induction heating equipment in metal heat treatment furnace.

At present,Induction heating machine  is mainly used in heat treatment of metal mechanical parts. The traditional low-level PLC is used to control the mechanical action of metal heat treatment furnace and a single time control mode to process all kinds of metal workpieces. Due to inaccurate positioning and unstable speed, imperfect function and low efficiency, it is difficult to ensure the heat treatment quality of metal parts with complex structure.

Referring to foreign advanced technology, combined with the current production and domestic actual situation, the use of fully closed structure, numerical control, single time control to improve to the energy control mode; Analog control is improved to digital control. According to the technological requirements of heat treatment of different parts of automobile parts with different structures, the corresponding program is compiled according to the software system. The speed and power of steel pipe annealing furnace are adjusted automatically in the process of processing, and the power is adjusted according to the technical requirements of heat treatment of different parts of automobile parts. Adjust induction heating time, track all operation process of metal heat treatment furnace in real time through different interface of screen, for example, find fault or process parameter deviate from given value, list unqualified parts directly, cause control system to pause and alarm. At the same time, the interface shows the source of the fault. The steel pipe annealing furnace has the function of storing the process parameters in order to check it at any time when working, which ensures the heat treatment quality of the complex metal workpiece. The technology and scheme and principle of induction heating equipment energy control cooling water, medium frequency power supply completes the start-up process independently, the others are controlled by industrial computer, and the principle of combining energy control principle with numerical control technology is adopted. Using intelligent idea to control the whole process of heating treatment, the most important thing is energy control.

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