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Just use continuous hardening and tempering furnace for round bar heat treatment!

Just use continuous hardening and tempering furnace for round bar heat treatment!

The purpose of heat treatment is used to directly improve the mechanical properties of the material to eliminate residual stress and improve the cutting process of metal. As the quenched and tempered round bar has better mechanical properties, it can get even and meticulous tempered sorbite after high temperature tempering.Round bar continuous hardening and tempering furnace can be used as the final heat treatment process.

YuanTuo bar continuous hardening and tempering furnace has been comparable with foreign advanced level, and the device has been exported to many countries and regions. The inductor design and production quality are impeccable. Our company’s technical engineers adopts oxygen-free copper to design inductor as per the workpiece specifications, dimensions and the required heat treatment methods.The heat treatment has high precision, consistency and stable quality.

Adopting DSP control and speed capture phase-locked start, our continuous hardening and tempering furnace has high degree of automation.

In heat treatment production, it has great significance to carry out energy conservation and environmental protection. Induction heating is emerging non-contact heating, effectively reducing the emissions of waste and harmful substances, to ensure sustainable development.Bar continuous hardening and tempering furnace can not only ensures product quality, reduce energy consumption, but also improve the efficiency for users.


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