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Learn YuanTuo billet heating furnace to produce the quality products you want!

Learn Forever billet heating furnace to produce the quality products you want!

The billet heating furnace produced by Forever has strong technical force and has got good feedback from all of our users. Here Forever will give you introduction of billet heating furnace working procedure to help users to make full use of induction billet heater.

The worker need to place the billet on the feedstock storage platform, then the transportation system will send the billet to the transportation system. Then the material will be sent to billet heating furnace slowly. In the first stage of heating, the billet will be heating for 1000 Celsius degrees. Then the billet will be discharged from the induction billet heater for cooling. During this process, the billet internal structure will be transformed into martensite. The second stage is to keep the material’s internal properties stable. This process also includes preheating and insulation.

Billet heating furnace advantages:

★ Billet heating furnace is using resonant frequency induction power control, fully automatic intelligent, low energy consumption, saving materials and costs.

★ This billet heating furnace don’t need preheating time, easy to use, easy to operate, can work continuously for a long time. The billet induction heating system can also be started or stopped at any time according to production need. The control method can be set full manual, automatic, semi-automatic form.

★ No need to heat the whole workpiece, you can choose local heating, so less energy consumption, small deformation of the workpiece and the heating speed is fast, the workpiece can reach the desired temperature in a very short period of time, so that the workpiece surface oxidation and decarburization heating Defects can be reduced to a very low level

★ YuanTuo billet heating furnace is easy to achieve automation and mechanization of the production line, easy to manage, can effectively reduce the transport, saving manpower, improve production efficiency.


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