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Main features of Steel Bar Heating Equipment

Main features of  Steel Bar Heating Equipment

YuanTuo furnace company is professional  manufactures which seek to develop long term development of the technology and good cooperation.Based on continually improving product quality and our rich experience of the induction heating applications.The steel bar heating equipment is our main product.The following information is a short introduction our steel bar heating equipment.

The main features and advantages of the Steel Bar Heating Equipment:

1.Good reliability.

2.High conversion efficiency.

3.Simple operation.

4.Easy integration to complete steel bar production line.

5.Digitalized display for all the real- time production data.

6.Suitable for medium and small part.

7.High efficiency and low energy consumpution.

8.Precise temperature control to uniform heating result.

9.Remote power control allowing use of PLC, computer or pyrometer control.

If you are interest in the steel bar heating equipment and other induction heat treating equipment,please feel free to contact with our service team.

Post time: 07-27-2016