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The pipe electric heating equipment, induction heating equipment, quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, induction heating furnace manufacturer, pipeline electric heating equipment, which is a kind of high efficiency electromagnetic induction heating equipment for heating pipeline, adopts a new type of energy saving air cooled IGBT induction heating power supply control, which has low power consumption and high production efficiency, and has its own protection functions and high performance under any working conditions. High reliability, beautiful modeling and other advantages.

The successful emergence of medium frequency induction pipeline electric heating equipment has greatly facilitated the production requirements of metal processing in mechanical industry, road and bridge construction, urban architecture, shipping and other industries in China. It is a new product to replace the traditional heating equipment in an all-round way. It integrates heating, output, cooling and other process equipment, and is widely used in metal induction heating industry.

The advantages of pipeline electric heating equipment are as follows:

1. Wireless remote control, through wireless remote control, can easily control the pipeline heating furnace in real time, fully automatic and intelligent, and the operation is more convenient.

2, the pipeline electric heating equipment has high working efficiency, adopts integrated combination operation mode, and can be put into work as soon as it arrives at the working site to turn on the power supply.

3. According to the needs of users, pipeline electric heating equipment provides remote operating platform.

4 with touch screen or industrial control computer system, which meets the standard of environmental protection. The use of medium frequency induction pipeline electric heating equipment has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, and many pollution factors, such as large noise and dust diffusion in the production process, have been reasonably solved.

5. The traceable process data table of pipeline electric heating equipment can take out multiple sampling points on each product and accurately reproduce the processing temperature value of each section of a single product. About 30,000 process records can be stored in the touch screen system, which can be backed up by U disk or network, while the industrial computer system is completely free of storage space and permanently stores all product process records for decades.

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