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Metal workpiece heat treatment induction heating equipment introduction and factory recommendation!

When it comes to induction heat treatment machine, friends in the heat treatment industry should not be unfamiliar. With the rapid development of industrial construction, the market demand for high-quality metal steel continues to rise. The development prospect of induction heating equipment for processing metal steel can be described as a great deal. At present, there are many kinds of induction heating equipment on the market, and customers do not know much about the function of heat treatment equipment, so, Many customers have caused a lot of trouble, the following is a brief introduction to induction heating equipment and factory recommendations.

electric heating furnace

The suitable induction heating equipment is selected from the shape and size of the workpiece. Although there are many kinds of intermediate frequency heating furnaces, each induction heating equipment has its own heating range and service capability, and the metal workpiece has thermal conductivity. Because of the characteristics of high conductivity, the heat treatment process with electromagnetic induction heating equipment has the thermal efficiency of over 95%. The surface of metal workpiece is not easy to produce oxide scale, burn loss and decarbonization phenomenon in the process of production. Induction heating equipment is widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, railway transportation and other industries.


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