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Need continuous hardening and tempering furnace, contact YuanTuo!

Need continuous hardening and tempering furnace, contact Forever!

YuanTuo Electromechanical Equipment Factory is an enterprise combining designing, production, sales and service. According to the different requirements of various manufacturers, we provide all kinds of special design and production of continuous hardening and tempering furnace .

In order to meet the rapid development of the industry and meet customer requirements to reduce operating costs and improve production efficiency, improve product quality and enhance competitiveness, YuanTuo actively develop and research to provide energy efficient automatic continuous hardening and tempering furnace for steel rods, solid bars, pipes and plate.YuanTuo has a number of mechanical and electrical high-tech, high-quality personnel to design and research of hardening and tempering furnace technology.

YuanTuo continuous hardening and tempering furnace features

1. PLC control system (can control the entire mechanical part of the operation, man-machine interface, all-digital, highly user-friendly operation)

2.The use of full-rectified, all-digital, high-power series resonance designed steel electric heating furnace power.

3.Uniform heating, high precision temperature control, easy to achieve uniform heating requirements. Temperature control system can achieve precise temperature control.

4.Less oxidation, less carbon consumption, long service life.

5.According to user requirements, automatic feeding and discharging device is provided.

YuanTuo continuous hardening and tempering furnace is suitable for the bars heat treatment of diameter 10-120mm, pipes of diameter 20-400mm, plates of thickness 10-100mm. Welcome to send us inquiry to know more details.


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